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Why i join Qirui company

Why i  join Qirui company,do you want to know why ,keep reading .
We are in auto parts field for almost 6 years.we have a stronger team.Why I chosed to join this team? 
Many people would say because of the money. BUT we are not on this way.
Frankly speaking,I am knowing our boss Yin Luo not so long. Before that we were usual colleague,we did not know each other so well.
After 2 years,she quitted the job and found her company Qirui.

One day i went to her company,during the talking ,a coworker QIrui came to her and said a clients asked them to send the replacement but the fault of products was from the clients.the coworker said it was not our responsibility. why we had to promised them to send the was unfair for our factory.

Yin Luo considered the words which her coworker said,and responded that you could think the questions in other way.Maybe we could stand in clients side.he did not want this problem happen.even we couldnot help them .we should figure out it for them .we should did this for them.because we are always being with these why not we should not help them.and this thing was not big thing.they sent back the products and the we could resale to other clients.

The thing she did for every clients inspired me a lot at that time.She said no matter how much profit we had ,even we lost money ,we had to help our clients.she said that every customer is friendly to do business ,even we just keep a little bit profit,it doesnot matter for us .we can be growing together in the future.we always would like to do busines with every clients for a long time not just one time..that is our goal always.

2015 year ,i joined this big family.

I am so moved for that .Nowmany businessman around us. they usually do business on how much profit they have.

We are doing business base on growing together in the future.Do you want to join us .

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